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What is predictive eye tracking?

Predictive eye tracking


Eye Tracking, called oculometry in English, is a technique to track the eye movements of individuals when they watch, for example, an email campaign. Predictive eye tracking simulates human vision and allows you to measure the visual impact of your email and predict the areas that will generate the most interest, even before sending it to your recipients. You are thus able to optimize the rendering of your message to maximize your results.

Below are the 4 analysis reports available:


Heat zones

This analysis of the heat zones in your email is based on a monitoring study of eye tracking. 




A gradient of colors indicates the areas of your email that will probably attract more attention from your recipients. The areas range from green to red to yellow. The most attractive elements of the image are represented by red halos. The green and yellow colors represent low and medium levels of attention respectively. The colourless areas represent the parts of your email that will be glanced through by your recipients.


Eye movements

This diagram shows you the likely trajectory of your recipients' gaze.


Eye movements


This trajectory is composed of short eye movements ("jerks") as well as short eye stops ("stares"). Each staring point is identified by a numbered circle indicating the order in which it is stared at. On average, a stare lasts about 200 milliseconds (ms) when reading a text, and 350 ms when viewing an image or a multimedia sequence. The larger the diameter of the circle, the more intense the stare. This report can indicate up to 30 staring points, simulating the first 7.5 seconds of the trajectory of your recipients' gaze.


Opacity report

The opacity report allows you to clearly identify which areas of your email are attractive and which areas will be glanced through by your recipients. 


Opacity ratio


This report is based on the duration of the stare on the different areas of your email, and simulates what your recipients will detect during the first seconds after opening it. The most transparent areas are those that attract the most attention, and conversely, the most opaque areas are those that will most likely be glanced through by your recipients.


Aesthetic analysis

This report provides an overall aesthetic score (from 0 to 100) based on 3 criteria: color, clarity and balance.


Aesthetic analysis


  • The colorimetry score: a score of 100 means that your creation is colorful, attractive and arouses curiosity. A score of 0 indicates that the colors are too monotonous and unattractive.
  • The clarity score: a score of 100 means that the design is sober, simple and clear. A score of 0 indicates that the design is too complex, messy or overloaded.
  • The equilibrium score: a score of 100 means that the design is balanced and harmonious. A score of 0 indicates a poor balance or too pronounced asymmetry in your creation.


How to start the test?

To launch the test, go to the "Campaigns"' menu, then to the campaign you wish to analyze. In the left menu, select the "Test & Send" menu. Then click "Start the test" in the fourth section named "Eye Tracking" in the bottom right corner.


Start the test


Once the test is finished, 4 pictures will show in the box, each of them representing the four analysis reports available : heat zones, eye movements, opacity report and aesthetic analysis.




Click one of the four pictures to look into the analysis reports.

NB : The test doesn't update automatically. In case you have modified your campaign and want to see the updated results of the analysis, start the test again clicking the button "Relaunch the test".





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