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How to connect your Mailify account to Zapier?

Here are the steps to take to connect your Mailify account to Zapier.

Prerequisites: you must be an administrator or the owner of your Mailify account in order to perform the actions described below. Please contact your administrator account if you do not have those roles. Login to Mailify or create an account.

Once logged in, click on “Connected Accounts” on the Zapier homepage.

Enter “Sarbacane” (parent application of Mailify) in the search field and then select the Sarbacane application.

A new window will open up: you must enter an account number as well as an API key.

These 2 pieces of information authorize Zapier to exchange information with your Mailify account through API requests, whether it may be outgoing information (when you use the Mailify application as a Trigger from Zapier) or incoming information (when you use the Mailify application as an action in Zapier).

To find your account number and API key, go to the settings section of your Mailify account and click on the “Developers” menu and then the “API” tab.

Enable the Mailify API (switch button).

Click on “Add an API key”.

Enter a description for your API key. You can enter any description you’d like. This allows you to identify which application uses this key. We recommend you enter “Zapier” in this description so you can easily find this key whenever you need it. You can also delete this key when you no longer want Zapier to communicate with your Mailify account, for example.

Once you’ve entered a description for your key, a new line will appear: an API key will then be linked to your account number.

Copy your account number, go back to Zapier and paste it in the "Account ID" field on the "Allow Zapier to access your Sarbacane Account” page.

Copy your API key, go back to Zapier and paste it in the “API Key" field on the "Allow Zapier to access your Sarbacane Account” page.

Your Mailify account is now linked to Zapier!

You can verify that your account is connected on the “Connected Accounts” page in your Zapier account.

The “Test” button allows you to verify that the link between Zapier and Mailify is properly enabled.

The “Reconnect” button allows you to modify the API key to your account: if you have deleted the API key through your Mailify account, you can generate a new one through your Mailify account and reconnect to Zapier using this button to restart the exchange with your Mailify account.

The “Disconnect” button allows you to disconnect your Mailify account from Zapier. The exchange will not be possible between Mailify and Zapier. Your Zaps, including the Mailify app, will become obsolete: Mailify will not be able to send outgoing information with Zapier and will not be able to receive incoming information from Zapier.

Now that you have linked your Mailify account to your Zapier account, you can create your first Zap and automate your time-consuming tasks.




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