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What is a routing credit?

 Mailify Sunrise is an email and SMS marketing solution that works with a credit-based system.

Each SMS or email has a value of a certain number of credits. If a campaign is sent to multiple recipients, this value will be multiplied by the number of recipients.

Email credits are separate from SMS credits. This means that you can not send an SMS campaign with your email credits, and vice versa.

You can, at any time, view your available credit balance from the dashboard of your Mailify account.

Stock de crédits Sarbacane Sunrise


A campaign sent, whether it is an email campaign or SMS, does not necessarily equate to 1 credit used per recipient:

  • In the case of an SMS, the length of the message will define the number of credits needed for your campaign. Beyond 160 characters, your campaign will cost 2 credits. Beyond 300 characters, your campaign will cost you 3 credits. Some special characters, links, dynamic fields, or legal notices may increase the number of characters in your message and increase the cost of your campaign. Learn more.
  • In the case of an email, it is the weight of your message that will determine the number of credits needed for your campaign. The weight of your campaign depends in particular on the length of your texts, your images, or your attachments. Beyond 194 KB, your campaign will cost you 2 credits. Beyond 388 kb (2 x 194), your campaign will cost you 3 credits. And so on. Learn more.

 When creating your Mailify Sunrise account, 500 email credits as well as 30 SMS credits are offered to you so that you can freely test the platform.

You can share your credits with other users if you want.

To reload your credit balance, you can make a new order from the Mailify Sunrise app if you already have an account, or directly from the Mailify web shop.

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