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How to create a new template?

To create a new template, you click on the green button at the top right "Create an email template".

You then have the choice between creating a template from scratch or from a template created by our designers.

Choisir un template ou créer un modèle à partir de zéro


  • An existing template: you just have to modify the text, the images, the colors... to adapt the email to suit your brand
  • From scratch : use the EmailBuilder and create your email template from A to Z

More information on using the EmailBuilder in the Builder topic.  


After creating your template in the Emailbuilder, you "save" it or "save it as" if it has never been registered, or you can "start from scratch" to start composing your Email template again.

To create a new template, you click on the green button at the top right "Create an email template".

If you haven't saved it already, a box will appear and offer three options to choose from:

  • "Cancel" the saving process, and come back to the template in the EmailBuilder
  • "Don't save", in case you're leaving the page and don't want to save the template. Careful: the template you started creating will be lost
  • "Save" your template. In this case, if it's the first time you've been saving it, you'll have to type the template's name


After it's been saved, the template will be available in the “Email templates” menu from the homepage and from the email campaign creation process.

You'll also be able to create a new template from the homepage, clicking the  “+”.

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