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Create effective landing pages to convert your prospects

Convert your visitors to customers with responsive web pages that will be automatically hosted on our servers.

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Take advantage of the simplicity of the creation tools developed by Mailify to create your own conversion pages

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Responsive web pages

Create landing pages that match your company's identity in a few minutes

Adapt your message to any device

Optimize the design of your campaigns

Boost your conversion rates

Pages optimized for mobile devices

Design pages targeting the recipients of your SMS marketing campaigns

Benefit from a simplified version for mobiles

Page exclusively dedicated to SMS promotion

Collect more leads with the right display

Drag'n'drop editor

Build your web page in a few minutes and without technical knowledge

Simply drag and drop your blocks of content

Edit your images and add your custom colors

Customize our ready-to-use web page templates


Customize your landing pages to stay true to your brand image

Easily adapt the design of your pages to your visual identity

Integrate your visuals, logos or fonts

Customize the URL of your landing page

Audience generation

Share your landing pages with as many people as possible and increase your audience

Share your landing page on social networks

Integrate your landing pages into your email and SMS campaigns

Redirect your web pages to contact forms

Make an appointment with a consultant

Let's talk about:

- your marketing challenges

- the features you need

- the level of support you expect

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