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We've spent years explaining the importance of mobile optimization to our clients. Naturally, we were drawn to Mailify for their responsive emails. Now our emails look great on every device, and we can practice what we preach.

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VP, Internet Marketing Smart Source Media Group

Our content is presented in a user-friendly way; we are building loyalty and brand recognition among our customers, which at the end of the day, will contribute to sales growth. Because of Mailify's platform, we're able to do all that.

I have only wonderful things to say about Mailify. The application is vastly superior to Constant Contact's clunky, outdated, web interface. I never have to be worried about getting logged out in the middle of working on my campaigns. The option to embed pictures in the email itself is a game-changer.

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Director, IT Macken Realty
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With a systematic analysis of its campaigns, Qama now has an opening rate of 26% and a click rate of 7.2%

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We had used Mailify for a few years. Then we changed solutions, but realized that our campaigns weren't performing as well as they had with Mailify, which is why we've switched back to this software.
Thanks to an analysis of opening rates, click rates, click zones and subscription cancellations, we can understand individual behavior, know who clicked, and where. We can analyze these results, and for example, make targeted phone calls in relation to click zones.
We take responsive email very seriously. The majority of our clients have smartphones and are on the move, especially on work sites. They need to be able to easily access the emails we send them.

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The best software on the market to send email campaigns.


This is a very easy tool to get familiar with. You can import newsletters and Excel is a click away!


Easy to get familiar with it, to send and track campaigns. The customer service department is very efficient whenever you need them.


A good team, a great service, and excellent feedback.

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