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Automate your email and SMS marketing campaigns


Free up time for your teams 

Mailify Sunrise's Marketing Automation technology allows you to automate certain recurring and time-consuming marketing campaigns. Create your automatic scenarios in minutes, connect them to your database, and let your marketing teams focus on creative missions with high added value.

Automatic multi-channel campaigns

Mailify Sunrise allows you to set up automatic campaigns that are triggered according to a precise timing, or an event that you have previously defined (opening an email, date of birth, welcome message, or other...). SMS, email, or both... Adapt your marketing scenarios as you wish and increase your chances of being read.


Welcome message

Automatically send a welcome message (email or SMS) to new customers. This is a vital step in building a good customer relationship. Feel free to add a promo code or a gift to your welcome email to thank your new contacts for their registration. This allows you to start the loyalty phase and reassure your subscribers.


Birthday wishes

Does your contact list contain birthdays? You can automate the sending of an SMS or an email so that it is sent on the special and retain your contacts by including a discount coupon, for example. You can also trigger the sending of automated messages for any type of date: first or last order, last connection...


Update message

You have the option to send an automatic message when a change is made in one of the fields of your database. This may be used as a guide to change the status of their order, or to inform them of their account. You can select the email or SMS that will be sent and also set the conditions and timing of this message.

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Monitoring in real-time

The automatic workflows will keep your campaigns running smoothly. But that doesn't mean you don't need to keep an eye on them.
Mailify Sunrise embeds a powerful reporting tool that allows you to view the statistics of your automated campaigns in real-time or over a certain period.
Adapt the content or the deadline for sending your messages, observe the impact of your changes on your campaigns and get to know your contacts better so you can tailor your actions to meet their needs.

An ultra-connected solution

Connect Sarbacane Sunrise to all your applications and trigger automatic email and SMS scenarios based on your database data retrieved in real time.

Automation Connecté Sarbacane Sunrise

Email & SMS workflows


Login with WordPress, Magento & Prestashop


Creating custom scenarios


Send welcome campaigns


Send birthday wishes


Send update messages


Schedule campaigns


Setting the time delay between each message


Customized stop conditions

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