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Save time with a simple and intelligent automation tool

Make your life easier, create automatic email and SMS campaigns with our automation tool. Automate your actions to build customer loyalty through appointment reminder campaigns or automatic follow-ups to increase your revenues.



Free up time for your teams 

Mailify Sunrise's Marketing Automation technology allows you to automate certain recurring and time-consuming marketing campaigns. Create your automatic scenarios in minutes, connect them to your database, and let your marketing teams focus on creative missions with high added value.

Ibound marketing campaign

Setting up an effective marketing strategy is essential for any company, whether it is to attract new prospects or to build customer loyalty.

You can set up several techniques to automate your actions such as marketing automation, lead nurturing and many others, depending on your needs.

Save time for your teams

Mailify's Marketing Automation technology enables you to automate recurring and time-consuming marketing campaigns.

Ease of use

Set up your automatic scenarios in minutes, link them to your database, and let your marketing teams focus on high-value creative assignments.

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Increase your chances of success

Build a consistent marketing strategy and analyse the results of each message from your scenario for continuous optimisation.

Automatic multichannel campaigns

Mailify allows you to set up automatic campaigns that are triggered by specific timing, or a predefined event (email opening, date of birth, welcome message, etc.).

Visibility as a priority

SMS, email, or both... Adapt your marketing scenarios to suit your needs and increase your chances of being read.

Stay relevant in your actions

Make your opening rate a priority and watch your conversion rate increase.

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Real time monitoring

Not having to worry about your campaigns does not mean you don't need to keep an eye on how well your automatic campaigns perform.

An essential marketing tracking system

Mailify includes a powerful reporting system that provides you with statistics on your automatic campaigns over the period of your choice.

E-mails and SMS at the right time

Adjust the content or delay of your messages, follow the impact of your changes on the behaviour of your campaigns and get to know more about your contacts to better meet their needs.

An ultra-connected solution

Connect Mailify to all your applications and trigger automatic email and SMS scenarios based on real-time data from your database.

Start creating your automatic campaigns now

Our tool in action

An ergonomic solution designed for you and developed by a 100% European team.

Personalize your campaign

Create a new automatic campaign by linking it to one of your contact lists. Select your type of scenario, such as automatic abandoned cart reminder. You can personalize the content of your message based on the history and behavior of the user.

A connected tool

You will need to choose the trigger setting by connecting Mailify to your web tool extension. Mailify offers many possibilities for plugins such as Magento or Wordpress. Discover our plugins

The conversion tunnel

For a good customer experience, your users need support. So don't hesitate to create several automatic emails or SMS by multiplying the triggers.

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