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How can I reduce the size of my email?

When you import an HTML document, Mailify automatically includes all images (pictures, logos, etc) in the body of your message. This means that these images are added to the total size of your email. When an email is too large, antispam filters often detect is at as spam, therefore to achieve a higher rate of deliverability, and so as not to use multiple credits for one mail, we recommend that you decrease the size of your email.

To decrease the size of the message you could store all of the images that appear in your email in Mailify Cloud. to do this, go to MessageHTML Content and click on "Storage".

A window will appear, showing you all the images inside your compaign and where they are currently stored. All you need to do is ensure that they are all stored in Mailify Cloud.

Is there a limit to how many images I can store in the Cloud?


The contents of a newsletter which are stored in cloud cannot exceed 3mb in total.

In order to stay below the limit, you can use your own server, or store only some of the images in the Cloud. If you choose the second option, the images included in your email will affect the total size of your email.

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