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Rapidmail joins Groupe Sarbacane

Sarbacane rapidmail

The birth of a European leader in digital marketing

The acquisition of rapidmail helps the Sarbacane Group to strengthen its presence on the digital communication solutions market and to accelerate its development. Already operating in Germany through Mailify, its brand abroad, Sarbacane strengthens its position on the German-speaking market and confirms its ambitions outside its historical borders. With more than 20M€ of revenues from over 90 countries, Groupe Sarbacane shows its ambition to become the European leader in the digital marketing sector.

Passionnés marketing

2 companies & 1 shared DNA

Being both pioneers and leaders in their respective markets in terms of email marketing and automation, Sarbacane and rapidmail will join their strengths, resources and means and continue the strong growth in their respective markets. On one hand Mathieu Tarnus, founder & CEO of the Sarbacane group, Mailify's parent company, working in the marketing softwares industry for more than 15 years. On the other hand, Sven and Steffen, both at the head of rapidmail. The German company, created in 2008, now has a staff of around 30 employees and 15,000 SME customers, mainly in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

mathieu tarnus
Mathieu Tarnus
Fondateur & CEO of Sarbacane

This is a great moment for our group but also for the industry. After the takeover of Datananas last year, we are moving forward again, this time taking a big step on the international scene. With the acquisition of rapidmail, a great company well established in Germany, the part of Sarbacane Group's turnover realized on the international market increases to more than 30%, and will exceed 50% in the near future.

mathieu tarnus
Mathieu Tarnus
Fondateur & CEO of Sarbacane
Arthur Ollier
Sven KUMMER and Steffen MÜLLERS
co-CEO of rapidmail

"This is a great union of two key players in digital marketing in their respective markets, with very similar development models and common values. We are happy to stay on board and look forward to sharing our expertise, working together to develop our brands across Europe and build a European leader in marketing and digital communication."

Arthur Ollier
Sven KUMMER and Steffen MÜLLERS
co-CEO of rapidmail

About us

Sarbacane group, publisher of applications dedicated to corporate communication and Mailify's parent company, is known for its eponymous software, a reference player in the emailing industry in Europe since 2001. The group has developed a range of products around its expertise in email marketing, SMS campaigns and marketing automation: Sarbacane/Mailify, Primotexto, Jackmail, Tipimail, Touchdown, Layout and Sarbacane Chat. The Datananas startup, which joined the group in April 2020, is starting a new phase of external growth. Sarbacane, which has around 100 employees in its offices in Lille and Barcelona, intends to increase its size fourfold by 2025.

Created in 2008, rapidmail has over 15,000 customers of all sizes and from all industries across 28 countries. Its around 30 employees are mainly based in Freiburg im Breisgau, but also in Berlin and Hamburg. The German email marketing and newsletter creation specialist achieved 40% growth in 2020.

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