Send your email campaigns with confidence.

We'll make sure your email campaigns get where they need to go.

Once you've created the perfect email, it's time to deliver it! As experts in deliverability since 2001, we work everyday to provide our users with the best chances of reaching the inbox.

Set yourself up for success

Test how your email will look in different email services

Make sure your email looks great in all of the popular web based and desktop email clients, before you send it. Simply select which services you want to test, and we'll show you how your email will look to a recipient using that email client. Read more

Send test emails

Before sending your campaign to your recipients, send test copies to yourself and your colleagues. Everything checks out? Time to hit the big orange button!

Resumen antes del envío

Pre-delivery checklist

Did you add an opt-out link and enable to behavioral tracking? Mailify compiles a quick sending checklist for you to review before hitting send so you can be sure everything is under control.

Send your email now or schedule it for later

Once your email is ready, you can send it immediately or schedule it for a later date. Simply select the time and day, and we'll take care of the rest!

A trusted reputation for email delivery

We maximize your chances of success with cutting-edge technology and a trusted sender reputation. Rely on our email marketing solution to get your emails to the inbox instead of the junk box.

Reputación certificada

A certified reputation

Mailify is a member of the SNCD, and partner of ADETEM. Mailify is also a member of MAAWG - a worldwide anti-spam organization.

Monitorización manual

Manual monitoring

Our moderation team reviews each email campaign manually to ensure the highest levels of deliverability through anti-spam compliance and other email best practices.

Relaciones importantes

Important relationships

We are constantly in communications with Internet Service Providers throughout the world to preserve our reputation. You'll appreciate this reputation during the delivery process when your emails make it to the inbox instead of junk folder.

Entrega personalizada

Personalized delivery

Customize the sender domain and tracking links

Mailify allows you to personalize your sender domain and tracking links with your own domain instead of using the defaults. This imrpoves your deliverability and ensures your brand remains consistent in your communications.

Personalizar mi dominio de remitente
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