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SMS marketing platform

With an opening rate of 95%, SMS campaigns allow you to communicate simply and quickly with your customers and prospects.

Send bulk SMS with a high-end software solution and a team of experts to provide you with the best possible support.

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What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing aims to send messages and campaigns by SMS for promotional or transactional purposes. These messages can be used to send offers (such as discounts or flash sales), invitations to an event or alerts and notifications for transactional purposes (order tracking, appointment alerts, etc.).

Deploy your marketing strategy with SMS Pro campaigns

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes after reception, making the SMS channel a reliable and fast tool not to be overlooked in your communication campaigns.

Convert your prospects

Take advantage of the SMS channel to boost your conversion rate by sending promotional offers or invitations to your events.

Notify your customers in real time

Thanks to transactional SMS, send SMS notifications to your customers to let them know that their order is ready or that their product is available.

Build customer loyalty

Wish your customers a happy birthday via SMS through an automated scenario: a good opportunity to send them a special offer code and re-engage them.

Optimize your teams' work time

Trigger automatic reminders for your customers thus avoiding missed appointments and optimizing your team's workload.

Gather information

Add a link leading to a responsive landing page embedding a contact form designed with Mailify directly in the body of your SMS, and collect information about your customers and prospects, build up a list of guests, etc.

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Create an SMS campaign in a few minutes

An SMS campaign only takes a handful of minutes to be delivered to hundreds (or even thousands) of recipients. No technical skills are required to create your message.

Import your contacts

Mailify allows you to import your contacts' phone numbers from an excel document or a text file, or even from registration forms.

Personalize & target

Customize your contact lists without limit (last name, first name, title, position, birth date, etc.) then send targeted SMS messages by selecting the recipients thanks to the filters included in Mailify.

Write the content of your message

Personalize the sender and automate the content of your SMS messages with personalization fields, so that your recipients immediately identify your brand.

More than just text

With the Rich-Message Editor, create beautiful, rich text messages by dragging and dropping your text blocks, images and multimedia contents. These will be easily visible for your contacts thanks to an automatically included link in your SMS messages.

Follow our step-by-stp tutorial to create your first campaign

Schedule your SMS messages and go for multi-channel communication

The combination of multiple marketing channels allows you to build relationships with your customers in a scalable and automated way. Email and SMS are complementary and Sarbacane gives you the opportunity to combine them with automation.

Embrace behavioural targeting

Send a follow-up SMS to openers and clickers from your last email campaign to initiate purchase or response from your contacts.

Send your SMS with scheduled sending

When setting up your SMS campaign, you can choose between immediate or scheduled sending to meet your needs.

Build an automated scenario

Automatic campaigns allow you to alternately switch your communication from email to SMS campaigns: send your detailed message by email to your contacts and then remind the most receptive ones (openers and clickers) via SMS to remind them about your offer before it expires.

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