Statistics are more than just opens and clicks!

Track your impact

Leverage the detailed analytics to assess your email campaign's efficiency and improve your ROI.

Analyze every detail of your email marketing campaigns

Tiempo de lectura

Read time

Go beyond opens and clicks to determine how long recipients actually engaged with your email, and its virality on social media.

Escritorio vs móvil

Desktop vs mobile

Internet users today live in a multi-device world. Knowing what your recipients use to read your emails is imperative for creating an efficient strategy.

Buzones de correo

Email clients

Whether your recipients use professional inboxes like Outlook or personal inboxes like Gmail, knowing the data allows you to optimize campaigns for the most commonly used services.



Discover which links, buttons, and other content in your email generate the most engagement. Use these insights to make future campaigns more effective.

Global geotracking

Pinpoint your active users around the globe and send geotargeted email campaigns based on this data.

Targeted follow-ups

Create filters and target future recipients based on their previous behavior. Export these lists or easily create new campaigns with a variety of hyper-targeted criteria.

Seguimiento segmentado
Stats relance
Stats Google Analytics
Extensión de Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to monitor your web traffic? Activating the extension in Mailify allows you to easily track your email campaign's impact on your website activity.

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