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Deliver your transactional emails easily

Emailing transactionnel

Quick integration with your system

The Tipimail SMTP API is very easy to use and integrate in any system, application or website. We offer some of the richest documentation on the market and we’re available to answer all of your questions.

Optimal deliverability guaranteed

With our own smart technology and our team’s knowledge, we enhance the deliverability of your transactional emails. Tipimail is a brand owned by a group that specialises in email routing and delivers billions of emails each year.

Monitoring Reporting Alert ...

Mailing monitoring & reporting

With an intuitive web interface, you can monitor your mailings in real time and get precise reports on openings, clicks, errors and more.  No worries!  Tipimail sends you real-time notifications whenever a problem with your transactional emails is detected.

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