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Mailify in a few words

Why should you join us?

Sarbacane Software, Mailify's parent company, was created in 2001 with one goal in mind: democratize electronic communication within small and medium-sized businesses by developing easy-to-use, efficient and accessible softwares. We have now more than 10,000 customers around the world and 140 employees working in Lille, Paris or Barcelona. We are all passionate about our job.

Our core values

In 2021, we obtained the HappyIndex®AtWork France label, highlighting the motivation and commitment of our teams. We already have entered the Great Place to Work® ranking of French companies with fewer than 500 employees in 2018. But being recognized or being awarded a label is not an end in itself for Mailify. It just means that so far, we are working in the right direction, hand in hand with all our teams. To keep us on this trend, we have defined a certain number of shared values that bring us together.



Passion is present in everything we do and part of the group’s DNA. Passion for our products and for what they can do for our customers as well as Passion for the world of marketing.



Ambition makes us grow, it makes us proud and encourages us. At Sarbacane, we cultivate excellent, good taste and a desire to succeed, develop and exceed our limits.



Our industry is constantly evolving. Expertise, know-how, ability to innovate, reinvent and anticipate have been the cornerstones of our development from the very beginning in 2001.



Each person who works with us has something to say. They all contribute their ideas and help constantly improve our products and our customer service.

Esprit d'equipe

Team spirit

Certain people’s skills are combined with other people’s know-how. It is in this spirit that we share and build our group’s success.

Mailify thus combines human values, excellence and expertise to optimize the performance of its customers. Our corporate culture is built around these key values shared by all our employees. To discover the Mailify teams

A guided induction

New employees are guided as soon as they arrive. Our goal here is to provide each employee with all the knowledge and tools needed to carry out his or her mission and to facilitate their induction within the group, both on a human and professional scale. The first two weeks at Mailify are entirely dedicated to the induction of the employee and the discovery of the company:

To learn more about Mailify's values, history and organization

To get acquainted with the company's culture

To get introduced to all the services

Learn to find your place in the group

To have guidelines that will make it easier to start the job

integration accompagnee
Bien-être au travail

Well-being at work

Performance and good atmosphere go hand in hand at Mailify! Here everyone is on first name terms with each other. Workspaces are open and there are many meeting places. Each member of the team works wherever he or she wishes: within his or her team, in another one to build up the interactivity of the services, in a more private area or even using our "living room" spaces to be more quiet. Mailify also wants to contribute to the professional and personal development of its employees. This is why, in addition to the nursery, remote working and flexible working hours are part of the company's culture.

A company that promotes equality and diversity

We are fully aware that our performance is driven by the women and men of the company. We pay therefore a particular attention to professional equality at all levels. Mailify publishes, in accordance with current regulations, itsprofessional equality indexestablished at 92 points out of 100 (updated on 01/03/2022). Considering diversity as a driver for performance, we also encourage the recruitment of varied profiles and are committed to enhancing the specific skills of each individual.

    The professional equality index is composed of several criteria:

  • Pay gap indicator: 38
  • Individual salary increase rate variance indicator: 35
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: 15
  • High remuneration indicator: 5
Egalite et diversite
Travail unique et different

A unique & different work environment

To work well, our teams need space, calm and comfort. That's why Mailify chose an exceptional location to build its campus: a 4 hectare private hilltop overlooking the surrounding area of Lille. Our offices offer many facilities: table soccer, petanque and tennis courts, picnic tables, arcade games, cafeteria ... Everything is here to entertain you, take a break or simply take a breath of fresh air. And for those who want to keep an eye on their children, we have a nursery!

Join the team

We are always looking for talented and inspiring people whose ambition matches our own. If you fit the profile of one of the jobs we offer and want to work in a dynamic and welcoming environment, we want to hear from you.

Our job openings

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Let's talk about:

- your marketing challenges

- the features you need

- the level of support you expect


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