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What is a webinar?
Definition of a webinar

A webinar is a meeting or seminar that takes place online. The term "webinar" is the combination of "web" and "seminar". It's a professional Internet conferencing tool that allows employees to communicate remotely using a computer, a webcam and a microphone.

Webinars have mainly become solutions to share information and are used in a marketing context for training. The speaker, or trainer, leads the webinar for a period of time and shares their expertise on a specific topic.

Webinars are highly appreciated for their simplicity and accessibility. Most of the time, they are free and highlight an expert whose knowledge is of interest to an audience. The speaker's objectives can be both customer education and lead generation.

From a technical point of view, the speaker can share a PDF presentation, a video or a slide show with the attendees, he speaks with them through a microphone and also broadcasts a camera view generally showing his face. He can also share his computer screen to perform a demo to improve the customer experience. The replay of the web conference is usually sent to the attendees so they can review it at a later stage.

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