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Marketing automation during a crisis: monitor your campaigns carefully

Marketing automation during a crisis: monitor your campaigns carefully

Facing the priorities brought by a period of uncertainty, such as the one experienced with the Covid-19, campaigns that had been scheduled previously can be quickly forgotten. Inappropriate messages may then be accidentally sent out. Thanks to marketing automation technology, it is possible to send campaigns and define a subsequent sequence of actions that are triggered when certain conditions are met. Concretely, this can be a welcome email sent to a new newsletter subscriber, a reminder message for an abandoned shopping cart to encourage the customer to validate his order, etc.




In times of crisis, make sure that inappropriate messages are not delivered

In exceptional circumstances, standard automated messages (email or SMS) may be inappropriate. It is therefore important to be careful about the content that is sent. For example, they could include recommendations that are in conflict with measures taken to fight an epidemic, for example, by suggesting a business meeting. It would be a mistake to suggest a lunch when all outings are prohibited and restaurants are closed. They are also potentially harmful for your brand reputation in this specific context, just like advertising campaigns inviting people to leave their homes in times of lockdown.


Check that your automatic notifications are appropriate

Automatic notifications (SMS or so-called «transactional» emails) also require close attention. A SMS reminder to attendees of a cancelled event can be confusing. The same applies, for example, to an invitation to an open house at an automotive dealership that is forced to exceptionally close its doors. Of course, it is necessary to sort the messages carefully because not all transactional messages are related to a particular context, like a password reset or an account creation scenario.


Monitor closely the content of your automated email or multi-channel workflows

Overall, it is highly recommended to check carefully the content of your automated email or multi-channel workflows. It is dangerous to let automatic campaigns run unattended, even under normal circumstances. Furthermore, you should regularly edit the content of your messages to optimize them with contextual elements (related to the calendar, for example, such as the different holidays throughout the year) or to improve the personalization according to your targets. This way you will offer a more relevant and therefore more effective message.


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